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5 Marijuana Strains for Depression and Nervousness Strains 

5 Marijuana Strains for Depression and Nervousness

Much research has been conducted which suggests that a variety of marijuana strains could be extremely useful in the fight against depression and anxiety. As time goes on, more and more people are seeking herbal and natural alternatives to prescription medication. With the increasing legalisation of marijuana, its usefulness and regularity of use are expected to start rising proportionally. There are many strains already out there which have been reported to have numerous positive effects on your mental state. Here are 5 marijuana strains for depression and nervousness. Read the…

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Fire OG Marijuana Strain Review Strains 

Fire OG Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: This Fire OG is a special, hand-chosen cut of an SFV OG Phenotype. A Sativa-forward OG Kush, Fire OG is a prime example of a strain we call a “Sativa,” despite maintaining the knockout punch we typically associate with an Indica. Fire OG, first popularized and cultivated by the skilled breeders at Raskal OG Genetics, is a celebrated OG in the Golden State. The Result: Fire OG smacks of citrus-flavored terpenes and is infamous for causing a touch of anxiety in the uninitiated. More likely to leave one…

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Crown OG Marijuana Strain Reivew Strains 

Crown OG Marijuana Strain Reivew

The Scoop: Considered potent nobility by the legions of OG Kush enthusiasts, Crown OG is a uniquely pure Indica-dominant hybrid. Distinguished for capturing a second place trophy during the 2016 SoCal High Times Competition for “Best Indica Concentrate,” this strain’s powerful cannabinoids and palatable terpenes routinely test in the high 20-percentile for THC. Perfect for subjugating daily stress and anxiety, those striving for productivity or a “wake-n-bake” strain should probably look elsewhere. Read the full article here

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25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in June News Strains 

25 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in June

Each month, sorts through roughly eight million data points collected from Weedmaps-listed dispensaries and delivery services across North America to determine the industry’s most popular strains. Holding the top spot for the eighth consecutive month, Blue Dream saw an average price increase of $2 per eighth between May and June. Read the full article here

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5 Strains 

Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

It’s practically impossible to overstate the popularity of Gorilla Glue #4; its unique pungency and first-class effects have won the strain gold medals at major cannabis cups and the earnest affection of millions of cannabis aficionados. On little more than word of mouth, its reputation has climbed higher than King Kong on the Empire State building, which is roughly how elevated you’ll be from just one or two hits of this much-loved monster. Read the full article HERE

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GRANDADDY PURPLE “The Cream” of the Crop News Strains 

GRANDADDY PURPLE “The Cream” of the Crop

Appropriately nicknamed The Cream, this White Mountain Health-grown Granddaddy Purple is a California classic most consumers are familiar with. This famous indica varietal still has some tricks up its sleeve, however. Crossed between Purple Urkle and White Mountain-grown Big Bud, GDP has a large, dense structure with sweet notes of juicy berries, complete with long lasting effects for both body and mind. Read the full article here

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SUGARY SHOWOFF Oregon Strains 


This Sativa leaning-hybrid is a cross of pungent Lemon Skunk and frosty Cookies and Cream. Tearing into the buds releases sugarcane levels of sweetness while complex bouquets of lemon candy fill the room. Subtle scents of vanilla and cake round out the citrus. Read the full article here

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DESSERT LOVER’S DREAM: Expertly Cultivated Mochi Oregon Strains 

DESSERT LOVER’S DREAM: Expertly Cultivated Mochi

This Mochi pheno, bred and selected and certified by Sherbinski himself, combines its parents’ best traits: cooling exhale from the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and out of this world bag appeal from the Sunset Sherbet. The aroma is top tier, dessert strain sweetness. Pungent, the resinous flower leaves a doughy, vanilla cupcake scent on everything it touches. A frosting, sweet berry aroma hangs in the background while a subtle basil note reinforces the floral accents. The effect gave me a calm but active mind, perfect for daydreaming or relaxed…

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C. Banana Marijuana Strain Review Strains 

C. Banana Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Cultivated high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Utopia Farm’s C. Banana — you may know it as Chiquita Banana — is considered to have some of the loftiest THC content in the Golden State. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, C. Banana is the genetic offspring of OG Kush and Utopia’s own Banana strain. Originally marketed as ‘Banana OG’ by Utopia Farms, their initially sluggish sales skyrocketed once rebranded as ‘Chiquita Banana.’ However, Chiquita Brands International would prefer to maintain exclusive rights to their petite name — and we arrive at…

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