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An Essential Element Cultivation Grow 

An Essential Element

The art of cannabis photography typically tends toward glorifying the dazzling female flower, with its full bud expressions, colorful blossoms and rich terpene aromas. While less glamorous, the cannabis plant’s male counterpart can also be an exceptionally beautifully plant and is an integral piece of the propagation puzzle. Read full article HERE

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Inside a Colorado Grow Colorado Cultivation Dispensaries & Retail Sales Grow 

Inside a Colorado Grow

The pungent smell of cannabis permeates the air in front of the row of industrial buildings on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. I’ve arrived at Bloom County Growers, a 2,000-square-foot operation that grows cannabis for both medical and recreational sales. Beautiful buds – Durban Poison, Grape Stomper, Bubba OG – grow alongside each other. The only difference that makes one plant medical and another recreational lies in the RFID tracking tag wrapped around the stem – yellow for the medical herb and blue for the recreational. Read full article HERE

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Start Strong: Tips for Choosing the Right Clones Cultivation Grow 

Start Strong: Tips for Choosing the Right Clones

Growing quality cannabis requires a harmony of many factors. There’s some amount of leeway with light, pH amounts, pests and even mold – but most of these can be easily dealt with as cultivators surf that often-challenging and unforgiving wave of cannabis’ flowering cycle. However, without healthy, vibrant plants at the onset, even the best effort can be for naught and that highly-anticipated Super Silver Haze will likely look and smell more like Super Silver Hay. Plants that are unhealthy do much the same as humans do when they’re sick…

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Much Smarter Than Grexit: Greece Could Prosper With Medical Cannabis Production Cultivation Grow 

Much Smarter Than Grexit: Greece Could Prosper With Medical Cannabis Production

Last week, Greece announced a new law permitting the use of medical cannabis. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated that Greek doctors will soon be able to prescribe cannabis for various medical purposes. It is still unclear whether, like their German or Canadian cannabis counterparts, Greek patients will be able to choose from buds, extracts, and finished medicine. Many of Europe’s medical marijuana patients are limited to finished medicinal products like Marinol as opposed to the wide variety of medicinal cannabis treatments available in other markets. Read the full article here

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Grow Guide: 7 Organic Ways to Defeat Cucumber Beetles Cultivation Grow 

Grow Guide: 7 Organic Ways to Defeat Cucumber Beetles

The first time I saw these guys wandering around our outdoor plants I thought, “Aww, yellow lady bugs, how cute!” Man, was I wrong. While they might try to disguise themselves as beneficial ladybugs, these yellow scoundrels will chomp their way through your garden in no time. While they may seem like a simple pest, these beetles are surprisingly stubborn. But we’re all about organic cannabis cultivation at, so while there may be chemical pesticides out there that will eradicate cucumber beetles, those same pesticides will also kill everything…

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Could our farmers cash in on legal cannabis? Cultivation Grow 

Could our farmers cash in on legal cannabis?

Dairy, wine … hemp? If the currently restrictive laws on the cultivation of cannabis were loosened, it could change the agricultural landscape of New Zealand. “I think it will be up there with dairy and other agricultural commodities,” says Richard Barge about low-THC industrial hemp. “It will catch up with wine industry and things like that.” Read the full article here

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Leader of the Alliance Cultivation 

Leader of the Alliance

Danielle Rosellison with husband Juddy. Photo by Savagty Photography. Making your way in a new and growing industry is never easy. Someone has to build the path that others can follow as the business grows and develops. Danielle Rosellison is not afraid to be out in front and help blaze that trail. She and her husband, Juddy, make up the ownership team behind the appropriately named Trail Blazin’ Productions of Bellingham, Washington. Since being licensed in 2014, the company has lived up to its name, blazing a trail through the…

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Growing Naturally in Oregon Cultivation 

Growing Naturally in Oregon

Southern Oregon has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the western United States. Blessed with lots of sun and a wide variety of ecological wonders, including two mountain ranges, a spectacular coastline, wild rivers and the northern end of the giant coast redwoods forest, it’s hard to imagine a location better suited for cannabis cultivation — or a more welcoming spot for those who want to grow it. Read the full article HERE

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