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You’d Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Better Extraction Tool Than Rosinbomb Rocket California Concentrates 

You’d Be Hard-Pressed to Find a Better Extraction Tool Than Rosinbomb Rocket

When I received a Rosinbomb Rocket hard press to review, I’ll admit I couldn’t contain my excitement. I’d become weary of solvent-laden concentrates recently, growing more aware of the gripping hold they had on me, and the ever-increasing tolerance my body had built up to ensure I was buying more and more overpriced grams of golden butane-whatever each week. Do you guys know about flower rosin? It’s a pretty awesome innovation in cannabis consumption. If you’ve ever wondered why people on the Youtube were squishing their weed between the plates…

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Dabbing Dos and Don’ts Concentrates 

Dabbing Dos and Don’ts

Access to quality cannabis products is growing as more states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. If you’re in a state with dispensaries, or find yourself at a pot event, you’re going to encounter a variety of ways to get stoney. Read the full article

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More Than a Pretty Package California Concentrates 

More Than a Pretty Package

Temple Extracts’ rebranding efforts produced new designs and packaging that more accurately communicate the company’s core values of quality and sanctuary. Companies with a reputation for excellence know effective design and packaging are essential components of any growth strategy, especially in competitive markets. The process comprises continual perfecting. In that spirit, Temple Extracts believes its new packaging breathes new life into a company that has a well-earned reputation for oil that: Is always strain-specific, supercritical-CO2-extracted cannabis oil. Is derived from the highest grade,top-shelf source material, ecologically farmed and pesticide-free. Contains…

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Terp Boys: Shattering Ceilings Concentrates 

Terp Boys: Shattering Ceilings

Glittering, golden sheets of translucent resin sketch shimmering Swiss cheese circles across sprawling pages of parchment paper. The glassy slabs capture and refract the light, giving the illusion of luminescence — each solidified splat of sparkling shatter radiates subtle shades of the same golden glow. Lean in for a closer look and your sinuses are enveloped by a thick, invisible cloud of pungent fragrance that careens wildly from tart citrus zest to soft berry sweetness, from sharp juniper and mint to deep diesel funk, from familiar favorites to otherworldly delights….

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Globs to Watch: Oakland Extracts Features Exotic Flavors Concentrates 

Globs to Watch: Oakland Extracts Features Exotic Flavors

Cannabis extract enthusiasts just celebrated 710 — the super-concentrated cousin of 420. In the marijuana mecca of Norther California, those celebrations featured the creations of countless cannabis concentrators, making it all but impossible to pick a single “best” from the bunch: When it comes to professionally processed extracts, NorCal is an embarrassment of riches. But as the industry moves away from its Wild West roots and into the mainstream business world, there are some rising 710 stars who consistently exemplify the craft of extraction while elevating their brand and growing…

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When it Comes to CO2, Size and Suppliers Matter! Concentrates 

When it Comes to CO2, Size and Suppliers Matter!

Almost every week, we have a conversation with someone who wants to get into the cannabis industry. They’ve done some research and decided to use CO2 extraction to get oil from cannabis. The conversation usually follows these lines: “Hi, I want to buy the biggest system you have. I’ve got a 300-acre farm and I’m going to fill it with marijuana and I want to process it and extract the oil, using CO2 as a solvent.” Read the full article here

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Bad Wizard Extracts the Best from Urbols’ Skywalker Concentrates 

Bad Wizard Extracts the Best from Urbols’ Skywalker

Cultivated by the talented growers at Urbols (pronounced Herbals), Bad Wizard took their already flavorful Skywalker and elevated the strain’s lofty terpene profile. A deliciously well-balanced concentrate, the flavor and potency of this Indica-dominant sugar wax awakens The Force within. No longer relegated to the Dark Side of life, the Bad Wizard Skywalker Premium Sugar provides modern medicine and a moment of relaxation. Read the full article here

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