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Open the Dialog about Alternative Remedies with Theramu’s “Top 5 Pain Management Questions” Press Releases 

Open the Dialog about Alternative Remedies with Theramu’s “Top 5 Pain Management Questions”

With opioid addiction recently declared a national emergency, Theramu is arming consumers with the five essential questions to ask when discussing pain medications. Short and sweet, these pointed questions are a guide for maximizing limited time with your doctors, whether at an appointment, or in the hospital.

“Having been a chronic pain patient for the past decade, I know it can be uncomfortable to open the dialog about alternatives for pain management with your healthcare professional,” said Joel Greengrass, Theramu CEO. “People are frequently intimidated by the doctor setting, or are consumed with the weight of their situation and pain levels. That’s why Theramu is committed to helping you navigate toward safer effective solutions.”

Are You Asking Your Doctor the Right Questions About Pain Medications, Addiction and All-Natural Alternatives?

According to a study by Brightfield Group and HelloMD, 42% of the CBD users [in the study] had stopped using traditional medications like OTC pain relievers or prescription drugs, and had switched to using cannabis instead.

Why is this important to you? Because with the right understanding of all-natural alternatives, like high-quality hemp-based extracts, you might avoid taking unnecessary addictive medications, or possibly reduce usage more rapidly.

When being prescribed pain medications, be prepared to discuss Theramu’s “Top 5 Pain Management Questions” with your healthcare professional:

What are the side effects of this prescription drug?
Can this prescription drug be addictive or cause overdose?
Are there restrictions on refills of this prescription? If so, why?
Is there known damage to the body with long-term use?
Lastly, what all-natural safe options are available to me?

Healthcare Professional Perspective

Clinicians are now falling into the same camp as consumers and are seeking other safe options to discuss with their patients.

“The number of my patients seeking information on all-natural alternatives to manage pain is increasing every day,” said Board-Certified Craniofacial Pain Specialist Joseph N. Tregaskes, D.M.D., M.S. “I’m always pleased when a patient is prepared with questions, as these conversations play a key role in finding the best personalized solutions for pain management.”

And, as of January 1, 2018, the Joint Commission will require hospitals to offer alternative solutions to patients and families for the management of chronic pain.

The Thought Leader

Theramu CEO Joel Greengrass brings deep expertise in operations and strategic partnerships, and incredible passion for the product, having personally found relief from his own multiple sclerosis symptoms with Theramu.

About Theramu

Theramu products were developed as safe all-natural alternatives to improve people’s lives by supporting numerous functions of the human body. The proprietary compound of 100% high-quality hemp extract (THC-Free) and EFA-rich pure emu oil soothes chronic aches and discomfort, promotes vital cellular renewal, restores and repairs skin, and provides #TheramuRelief for a balanced mind and body. Decades of evidence demonstrate indisputable positive health outcomes and safety of pure hemp extract. The US government owns patent 6630507, further documenting cannabinoids potential application for many inflammatory conditions. Theramu’s ideals support the movement toward safe, patient-centric, whole-person healthcare.

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